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Dear Diana, thank you for the feedback. That would be a great idea, but I'm sharing some ideas for mixed traffic staging area in major commuting corridors. Off-street travel infrastructure could definitely be used for riders' use safety, but personally, I'm not sure how much it could inform the driveless urban infrastructure designs in multi-mode travel areas and encourage the sharing of roads. I hope these designs could be adaptive based on the road use behavior data analysis and inform others to think about this topic. Most importantly, make a design project happen.

Dear Idrees, thank you. I would love to add more details in the coming weekends.

Dear Idrees, thank you for the comment. The crossing would definitely create uncomfortableness for cyclists and shifting the bike travel zone back to the vehicular on-off area make sense as well, but it would also create a crossing zone for pedestrians... (Lets excluding the shared pedestrian and bicycle sidewalk at the moment, as major US cities haven't adapted to mixed traffic norm yet.) My design concept is still in exploration, I believe many different design scenarios would make sense in relative urban street contexts, like the one you imagined that some streets may have to separate staging area from non-vehicular travel mode but some other may make sense to bring the staging area close the curb like areas around major commercial destinations or bar streets... Most importantly, I hope to use this opportunity to increase the awareness of the need for urban infrastructure updates for semi-autonomous travel, and possibly, we could try a few temporary installations to test and record the data to see what type of street design would help the adaptation of AVs and improve urban mobility. Thank you again, I can revise some of my writing to make it clear.