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Thanks for your feedback, @dew dew. We are glad to hear that people are buying our proposal! Public space and parking are important component for a health district, especially in the highly developed downtown area.

This intersection seems very confused to drivers. I think it needs some improvement. I believe the roundabout can significantly lower the car speed to drop the severity level of the crash. However, according to the Michigan crash data, the crash number over the recent five years are not significantly higher than the other main two-way intersections, such as the Michigan & Robash, Michigan & Rosa Park. I guess one reason is that the complexity of this intersection had a similar impact that slows down the drive speed. Secondly, the most common number of roundabout lanes are one or two lanes. I see your proposal design had three lanes. How to ensure the cars can merge and diverge safely without more side collision and rear-end collisions, when more cars use the roundabout and move to the center lane or inner lane of the roundabout, but the outer lane becomes fully occupied? Or in a scenario, one car stopped due to confusion?
At the transportation safety perspective, the roundabout theory works great. But at a public service perspective, how do you picture the impact of the Fire Department, Police department usage or emergency exit the area since this going to become a high-density population area? Will this roundabout slow down the cars should not at the same time? Because once the roundabout is built, it can calm down all the traffic. But it is unreversible to speed up easily in any scenario.Michael Sklenka 

Thanks for your response, @Mackenzie Fankell! I am glad to hear our idea has support. It gives us more courage to work on our proposal. :) We are drawing the visual map now and will upload it soon. I do think in a further phase, it is applicable to excavate some earthwork under the elevated walkway. But it is more costly when involving in earthwork. Considering it is not worthy of high cost at excavation unless there runs out of space options to use for parking. Our proposal designed the parking lots using the current vacant lots which are easily to repurpose.