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Zachary commented on "Paces to Pennies" - The App

I agree with that 100%. A penny can go a long way and it would definitely help greatly to provide reasonable compensation to reduce the carbon emission/traffic problems. people just need a push and a penny per step is a good push. However there are a lot of people like myself who walk 20,000 to 30,000 on a good day and it would be a little difficult to find the money to pay everyone that amount per day. Plus there are people who walk for exercise everyday who do much larger numbers than that.
I'm not downing the idea at all, in fact I would love to be apart of something like this to get it going and working all over the world, but as much as money is disposable and always in rotation, people don't like to give it away so there would have to be a large amount of funding available to get the idea going. It's sad that money is in the way of saving the world due to our own detrimental habits but it's real.
So how can we make it so everyone can get paid at that amount and have a steady income for the app to generate revenue to give back to the users??


Zachary commented on "Paces to Pennies" - The App

I like it, the amount of an actual penny given per step to each user seems a little much when put into the perspective of whoever is giving the pennies but I do like it and think it can be done. If you haven't already seen, Aaron Soth-Evans has a similar idea to the both of ours that seems much further along. Check it out and let me know what you think of it, I'm interested.

Amazing. Completely blew my proposal out of the water.
The alternatives of transportation are very important and should be treated with as much value as they have in today's environment.
You guys are miles ahead of the game and I'd love to help you further with your execution in any way possible.