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Amazing. Completely blew my proposal out of the water.
The alternatives of transportation are very important and should be treated with as much value as they have in today's environment.
You guys are miles ahead of the game and I'd love to help you further with your execution in any way possible.


Zachary commented on Pennies for your walks.

Thank you. I'm glad you dig it.
I know there's a few kinks to work out in the idea itself too but I really think that this could be a potential simple solution to a majority of issues including traffic. We all have a part to play.
And I like your title way better than mine hahaha, it has a ring to it. I just came up with something to have a title and couldn't think up anything better.


Zachary commented on Pennies for your walks.

Thank you, I'll try to provide the best answers I can.

1.) There is no business model. It's just a semi-well thought out idea with plans for app functionality but no actual app yet. The revenue would hopefully come after the app has been built and tested, then sent out for promotion to the various sorts of businesses I mentioned in my proposal document for proper income to come in.
It would not run from ad space per se but instead from partnership in usage of the app for a potential customer incline for these businesses. So we would promote the partnered businesses through the app by way of deals, coupons, and such for regular users to walk to these businesses for and they will pay us for the promotion. Oh ok yea, so definitely by ad space in a way haha.

2.)If they live nearby, they could walk. Or they could drive a certain distance if it's not nearby, park, and walk the rest of the way.

3.) Yes I just read through their proposal and I am blown away. I would love to work with them if possible, they seem to be on the ball and ahead of the curve.