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Jasmine commented on friendly securment

Hi Elizabeth Durden ! Thanks for checking out my proposal way back in August! Ahhh, those buses should have sercurements! Most buses are required to have tiedown securements, so many bus and paratransit services will use sur-lok. Any pads these transit services may have are not robotic and are solely for slip resistance. The friendly-securement is a restraint that holds a wheeled device in place. Its working in conjunction with a tiedown system until RESNA Wheelchair and Transportation standards are updated to allow safe restraints that are not tiedowns.


Jasmine commented on friendly securment

Hey Jasmine Comer , thanks for looking at my proposal! Yes, the idea is that its a universal approach to tightly securing multiple wheeled objects. This definitely can be applied to subway cars, metro-rails, and even paratrasit services. Since wheel chair transportation standards currently require belted securements, the future generation of standards should allow for a system like friendly securement to act on its own once its proven just as good and better than tiedowns for wheeled objects. Until that happens friendly securement will have to be in conjunction with belted systems. More about influencing these standards can be found here: