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Wilda commented on Jaywalkers

Let’s not limit it to the young, and also think about risks. Zip lining may be overboard but walkways sound like a great way to get residents moving!


Wilda commented on Jaywalkers

Join us in the PROPOSE phase, why don’t you? What ideas do you have to make mobility innovative and fresh? The next phase is where you get to submit your ideas for what changes you’d make to the roads for them to be more pedestrian-friendly.

Don’t forget your profile picture! The PROPOSE phase gets a little exciting and we’d love to attach a face to the ideas you have. :)


Wilda commented on Sensation Paths - Creative Sidewalks and Walkways

This platform is NOT just for alleviating traffic. Ford, it’s psrtners along with the 100% open team are looking for innovative ways to get Miami residents to enjoy the journey. The PROPOSE phase asks, “How might we make daily journeys fresh, easy, and adaptable to the needs of Miami-Dade residents?” Sensation paths sound pretty fresh to me.

Be be sure to join us there with your FRESH ideas!! Can’t wait to see your posts!