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Hola, @Itzel Garrido:  Para quienes no cuentan con smart-phones se pueden habilitar Tabletas en las estaciones o centros de mayor concurrencia con el asistente virtual para que los asesore cómo movilizarse. Y sí, el asistente debería estar entrenado para asesorar respecto a todos los medios de transporte de la ciudad, actuando en interconexión. ¿Te parece bien?


Wilber commented on A Guru for Michigan Central Station

It would be both an app, a web page and an access via chat via Facebook or others, depending on the greater use in the area, but it can be enabled in several interaction options


Wilber commented on A Guru for Michigan Central Station

Hi, Mackenzie! The assistant has to be trained about how to go and return to te Michigan Central Station, including the different modes of transport guaranteed in the area. Essentially, a voice and chat assistant can greatly facilitate the interaction of blind people, although all can benefit, as the assistant will update the information on the different options to move. In fact, it is possible to make several types of personal assistants based on the profiles of greatest need.