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Thanks Tom Bulten .

I've created a more engaging logo to describe the concept. Thank you for the support in featuring our proposal.

annie young I live in Boulder, Colorado and have lived in NYC for 10+years. I have Master's degrees in Urban Informatics (NYU) and Human Computer Interaction (Penn State)

We co-founded (a non-profit) to collectively imagine and deliver a future of collaborative, community-powered urban technology.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, and optimism. .

I have submitted the proposal here

Team ARGO looks forward to empowering the city, and residents of Grand Rapids to prototype a home-grown, locally owned bike sharing system that enriches the local experience and economy.

Would the hub approach still preserve the idea of individual bike owners lending their bikes but have them be stored in secure hubs near bus stops? Payment would be flat-rate based I would presume?

The only issue I see here is a bike allocation problem. Whenever there are docks or hubs, some hubs will be stocked with way too many bikes and some hubs not used at all.

Using a dockless approach allows the network to organize organically based on demand.

The city can incentivize bike owners in underserved areas by offering better lending rates.