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Hi Aly. Thanks for your reply back. My commute is a 9 mile commute one way.
Home: North Miami near Biscayne Blvd
work: downtown Miami near MDC.
Going into work @ 7:30am, it's a 25 minute commute. Going home it's a 45 minute commute at 5pm. On the bus it estimates 50 minute,but commute plus time traveling from home to bus stop. I'm sure there are better stops that would be better but the bus I would take is a express bus that goes down Biscayne Blvd. It makes minimal stops hence the name express. Going from my home to downtown there are 17 stops. If they put a parking lot in between this commute possibly people would drive to that mini hub and get on there. Then possibly there could be less dedicated stops on the way. DOMINO EFFECT*'*Less time, more riders, less congestion, happier citizens. The stop by my house is a old Kmart lot. Massive parking lot that is not being used. I'm not saying to use the whole parking lot just a few spaces as a test pilot project. At least put a bicycle rack next to the bus stops to make it more inviting.The thing is if they start charging a pricey cost for parking, no one will use it. They have implemented this somewhat but there is few of them and no stops in-between. For example there is a 95express bus. It goes almost 200 streets with no stop in between. This was a option for me but I would have drive 60 blocks the opposite direction to get the bus.
Hope this helps.


Robert commented on Getting around

There always is Miami Dade transit. Which is our bus, train, and metromover services.
You can plan out your trip on the website and see what services you will use on your trip. Best of luck and enjoy Miami!