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Tom commented on ParkWise - Intelligent Street Parking

Jonathan: I'm a facilitator for the Grand Rapids Challenge. Thank you for adding to the parking conversation with the Parkwise proposal! I think integrating with or building on the MOTU parking payment app could be useful since the City just launched that a few months ago. To what extent does Parkwise rely on large-scale adoption or saturation to generate enough crowd-sourced data to be useful?


Tom commented on Eco-friendly Airlifts.

Rob: Thank you for the proposal. I see that other design firms also are experimenting with quad-copters and drones that can carry humans:


Tom commented on Die-Hard Driver Challenge

Hi Nick: Thank you for submitting the proposal to the Grand Rapids Challenge! I'm the online facilitator over here.

A few similar ideas have suggested ways to nudge "die-hard drivers" out of their cars and into other modes of travel. For example, Aaron Soth-Evans proposes the Paidtogo app to match sponsors and commuters to reward walking, running, and biking: In addition, annie young proposes expanding the existing MyGRCityPoints program to reward beneficial transportation behaviors: Aaron and Annie could be interested if you are looking for technical partners and local expertise.

You responded to my colleague Matteo Cappelleti in Miami with some additional detail. So, I'll link to post that here for Grand Rapidians that are interested in reading more:!c-8b313cbf30999888de32da1ec83ff503.

Best wishes!