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Mark commented on Improving Mobility Using Rewards

There are cars in these underserved communities. There are powerful community relationships and good people who help other people get around. Nobody gets "credit" for such goodwill and it is not measured either, but it can be. This is a chance to provide a comprehensive, universally accessible incentive management system that would inspire these same people to go a little bit out of their way to both ask for a ride or provide that ride. Hytch gives an organizing principal to empower these personal networks to achieve greater flexibility and provide mobility within their own trusted network. The assets are there. Imagine any person (as a passenger with identified need) who could tell their friends, "Hey, Let's Hytch and you'll earn $.50 a mile in rewards for taking me to my doctor..." knowing they also qualify for $.10 a mile when they activate their network! The point is, for the right reward, everyone additionally motivated by cash rewards will track their generous provision of mobility and support for their community - and naturally, they will do more of that. It's about community behavior change. Hytch offers Austin a uniquely new approach to inspiring self organized mobility and will generate new transit patterns and data for better, data driven decision making.