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Thomas commented on Senior Transportation

Hello Annie and Carole, I have too experienced the senior transportation deficit that the Grand Rapids area currently has when trying to transport my grandparents. To create a healthier community I started Ride YourWay LLC - a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation company. We specialize in transporting seniors and those who require wheelchair-assistance to their medical appointments, leisure activities, and anything else they might enjoy!

I am also in school to become a nurse so I wanted to create a more personalized experience for our clients - something that is MUCH different from standard modes of public transportation, ambulance services, and Uber/Lyft.

We have also made our rides safer by utilizing special restraint equipment, training procedures, and CPR/BLS certified drivers. Also, we wanted to create a more personalized experience by a unique wheelchair-accessible van that allows wheelchairs to lock into the front passenger area - something that is not otherwise seen in the industry.

Better yet, our rides are anywhere from 45%-75% more affordable than standard ambulance services in Grand Rapids!

We're here and would love to assist you!