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Mark commented on It’s really about Timing !

Addendum: Just us we need to think three dimensionally when designing cities and layering our transit systems, we also need to think _temporally_ and not just _spatially_!! It’s really more about time than space.... If you drive around earlier in the day or later in the evening, you quickly realize thar our roads are only packed for a few hours each day. Does it make sense to spend tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars building roads designed to carry maximum peak loads? Of course not! FYI— a Caltrans study in 1990 predicted that the more roads you build the worst traffic becomes. Similarly, the more available land you use to build roads for cars is taken away from the available space for people. We can save a lot of money and make our lives better by using our heads, rather than dedicating more and more land and money to building roadways.


Mark commented on New mobility above and below ground.

I like the ideas of bullet trains connecting Texas cities as long as there are Cars2Go at the destinations train stations.

The city transportation department needs an office where people can send suggestions about specific areas and ideas for improvement. The staff of this office would take in all of these ideas from the public and look into the viability of making the changes suggested.