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Sue commented on Traffic Flow Task Force

There is a law that prohibits texting while driving, but it is a joke. Ticket can only be issued as a secondary offense. I believe there is a push this year to make it a primary offense. According to an article in the Tampa Bay Times, "Florida had nearly 50,000 distracted driving crashes in 2016 and 233 deaths, yet police issued fewer than 1,400 tickets for texting while driving." The other problem is the law is limited to texting only. Many drivers are distracted in other ways -- talking, browsing, checking social media updates, video chatting, mapping something, etc. Smart phones have changed our lives in good and bad ways. This is one of the bad ways. I believe there needs to be education and strong laws that make it difficult for people to continue driving irresponsibly while on their phones. Police aren't doing much. They did the first week the law was passed, that's it. Yes, we do have a big police force, but we also have a big population. There aren't enough officers.


Sue commented on Lighter Summer Traffic Hints at a Solution

That's a great idea, Collin! A Bike to School program for kids in middle and high schools would be great.


Sue commented on Lighter Summer Traffic Hints at a Solution

Hi, Mitchell. Which state law?
Smaller, local schools would be great, but not realistic. We're a huge county and 4th largest school district in the country. I was just thinking if there was a way to get kids to school more effectively and with less cars on the road.