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staresha commented on Give back

Hello, my pleasure.....My vehicle has a back up camera and can sense when someone or something comes too close when I am backing up. It can sense a hazard approaching from the front as well. It has heightend my awareness for any hazards that could arise around me; It is another set of eyes in a sense. We have a lot of older cars on the roads in Miami & they are not as reliable or safe like the newer cars. I have seen tires blow out on 18 wheelers and a car swerve out of the way only to get rear ended by the driver of a car in another lane who did not have enough reaction time to brake sufficiently to avoid the collision. While driving, hazards can surface at any time. If the driver who rear ended the driver in front of them, because of the sudden swerve into their lane had automatic brake feature built into there vehicle, or a buzzer that went off to brake, they may have been able to avoid such heavy collision or collision all together. The roads of miami have been there for decades. We have express lanes, and they have increased the size of highways and repaved some of the roads which needed repavement. The palmetto is a highway which is always backed up because road work is being done to it. Even with Traffic moving at a slow pace people still manage to get distacted and become a hazard for other drivers. Cars overheat, people pull over on the side of the road and you have drivers who are still accelerating and not paying attention to the road. Just a simple feature to tell a driver to brake could do so much to help the roadways be a better place. Putting reflectors closer together on the road ways can help keep drivers in there lanes. The noise made followed with the vibration the driver feels from crossing them could help keep them more centered in the proper lane. They moved the cones closer together on the 95 express lanes to prevent drivers from crossing in and out of express lanes. I dont see it happenining like it was before with the cones being moved closer. That can be the same for the road reflectors, the noise could also alert a driver who has dozed off at the wheel and they are not in the end lanes; It will further let them know it is time to pull over.

Some of Fords new and more popular models, like the Ford mustang and Fusion have a smart key feature built inside of it. The key can be programmed so that the vehicle operates with special limitation when being operated by a teenager. A spare key with a governor, All cars come with key and a spare. The key used by the teen can have restrictions to the top speed of the vehicle, No where in miami does the speed limit exceed 70 max speed. The distractions of outgoing cell phone calls and text messaging (if possible) which would greatly limit cell phone usage; Giving tickets to drivers who are texting doesn't seem to deter teens from taking the risk of doing it. Taking your eyes off the road traveling at 60 mph, a person can easily cover 1/4 of a mile. The volume level of the entertainment system while the car is being driven, which would allow a teen driver to be less distracted and more alert to their surroundings. All of those safety features can be set by the parent right from the comfort of there home on the computer.
To make other owners participate we must advertise how great our buy back program will be, the benefits of driving a Ford, and being part of the Ford family. People are very influenced by what they see on Television and by what their neighbors/friends own. That is what helped us make the decision to buy our first ford mustang in the 90's instead of another Vehicle. Owners of other vehicles if they choose to participate, may not get the same deal as someone who is already part of the ford family and is upgrading to a newer safer vehicle, but moving forward they would be. Other owners can receive a good value for there trade in. Having an in-house financing program for people who trade in their old vehicle for a New Ford would be great if they can get a lower interest rate rather than going through an outside bank.