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Tom commented on Uber 2.0 on I-96

Hi, I drive a lot back and forth to Grand Rapids, and Detroit. I find it difficult to go back and forth and used up my gas then work in other city. What I think is to have car pool lots expand for Uber to use for pick up and drop off spot. Eventually , it will be ready for more growth next stage put improving the system by new add on. In next decade who knows someone will come with a concept of changing highways to self driving monorails to get less cars in highway, repairs made to highway, and no need to expand highways!

When having a big hub in major cities we should have on placed inside and outside. Monorail would connect to outside of cities and inside have many options to use in one hub. We don’t need to make changes around cities for different type of transportations. Hub could add bike rental, information center, ticket booth, restaurant (fast food), train, bus station.

It sure is fustrated looking for perfect spot spot to park and pick up or drop off passengers is extremely unsafe or police can ticket Drivers for dropping or picking up at say The Bob,. Struggle to making a clean flow getting into and out of city would need to different stations along the routes. Uber would have map of downtown on our Drivers app showing path we must follow to get to one station is a nice streaming flow of Uber drivers in same path at all time. We would see stations to pick up say 1 on Fulton and Monroe. The station had easy access to Uber app on main screen. Since sometime passenger’s phone battery died and the station is back up.

Since GR is becoming a beer city, we need more streamline of pick up that allow us exit downtown to get other brewery within the flow of Uber Brewery (driverless car).

Sorry I expanded my views on how to improve seamline of traveling from one city to other!


Tom commented on Skywalk Downtown GR

Thank you for your feedback and I enjoyed this website. I wish it would do something like this for other purpose maybe each city had own site that allow us to share ideas to improve our cities!
i did add photos and more detailed about why and what I like to add to it.