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Here's a video about RideConnect that I created for another such competition:

Here's a video about RideConnect. I created for another such competition.

1) The public transit integration is customized to the client and will require customizations and development. Once we have an SOW we will develop the required tech depending on what is currently available with the transit provider.

2) Our company is in the software and app development space, our users, however, can leverage the app to compete with Uber/Lyft. Two examples from user interviews:

2a) one of our users in a small town outside Chicago has exclusive contracts with the hotels and corporations in the town. The town has no Uber or Lyft since those drivers head out to Chicago. This entrepreneur has several drivers and provides a reliable service to the establishments in town.

2b) another user has created a ride-sharing community with almost 300 riders. His team operates in the northeast USA shuttling residents locally, to airports, neighboring cities, and other establishments.

In both examples, these drivers are unwittingly competing, and successfully with the bigger players.