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Hi Tan, and thank you for your question. our staff will be controlling the deliveries, initially: with a semi autonomous and teleoperated approach so we can be operational quick, but eventually: fully autonomous with one teleoperator from a central command center to monitor 5-10 delivery units. We are already working with hospitals such as Henry Ford, and Beaumont, and we can coordinate an outreach program for these pharmacies inside the hospitals to serve these communities (they already do in many ways) however it will take some more work to find a way to pay for it from medicare and medicaid (Boston has a very robust program for helping elderly age in place for instance), although our understanding is that taking medication for these vulnerable communities saves medicare and medicaid and the hospitals from readmission costs, but it will certainly take some work to coordinate with patients outreach at these hospitals; our understanding is that many on the state and federal level are thinking about the the aging population and how it will be increasing dramatically (Michigan is leading in aging population in the nation), and these solutions will be needed to save the state billions in healthcost. if we can help these populations age in place it will be a very valuable service now and for the future.