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Seana commented on Knowledge=power of mobility

The plan is to organize the residents and develop evergreen materials (where we can). The sustainability of the effort will rely on neighborhood ownership-leveraging of in kind donations of space and time for social networking and community convening standpoint. It is hard to determine sustainability at this juncture as a mid level evaluation of impact will be needed to determine success/failures/blind spots. Prior to the conclusion of the effort-the organization will have an idea of whether or not the effort should be sustained and based on the answer, the org along with residents will determine how


Seana commented on Knowledge=power of mobility

Jasmine Corner
Yes-we have considered convening meetings with the below mentioned groups however the challenge is getting people to the meetings-not just in terms of transportation but in terms of power-bringing the information to people where they are in the most accessible and trusted modality will have the greatest impact. The benefit of the meeting would be expanding the reach of the project by using neighborhood attendees to further spread the word about transit as an edification of all parts of life not just as a necessity for life errands. Thanks, Seana