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Sarp commented on Pothole-Free City

Mackenzie Fankell 
As a team that designs smart city solutions, we believe that our solutions should give the cities more control. If we were to repair the roads ourselves, I feel that that would make us a service provider with a smart solution. This would certainly be against the smart cities' vision we have.
Instead, we want you to have more control over your actions, We want to show you that your city can use the annual road repairs budget more efficiently.
Our pilot will show you two things;
1) You'll know the exact location, size, and importance of all current and (more importantly) upcoming road damage. You'll have a birds-eye view over your city, and instead of deciding to fix problems based on complaints, you'll actually know what has higher priority. This allows you to go beyond complaint management, as if you decide to fix all high priority issues, you will stop receiving complaints. It's disruptive in the sense that the pilot makes road damage complaints obsolete.
2) The pilot will also have a task management system specially designed for road repair tasks and related dispatch teams. With this system, when you decide to "fix a problem" as mentioned in (1), the pilot provides the priorities of these problems so you can easily decide. When the city decides to fix a high priority issue, the system also routes your repair teams to fix small issues around the area that would normally be unknown/unfound. This is a great opportunity for preventive maintenance. It is far cheaper and faster to fix small problems which eventually grow into large potholes and expensive repair conditions.

To sum up;
The pilot will give you data and a software system.
On this system, you get to choose if you want to use your budget up to 9 times the efficiency, or alternatively to decrease complaints and increase road safety.

We'll give you the power to fix your roads, how you use that power is up to you.