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Cicero commented on Corktown, an innovative mobility focused community

Dear Ms. Mackenzie,
I see the Corktown area as an opportunity for major redevelopment, with two distinct areas, divided by I-75. The major employment opportunities are/willbe located south of I-75, especially the Ford Mobility Campus. Close by housing will be in demand, and since real estate costs are lower on the northern side, this would be better suited for residential development, with the ancillary land uses, including amenities, such as a regional park for all citizens, thereby gaining additional support. Good integration of housing with jobs would be necessary, therefore the suggestion of local (smart and modern) shuttle service, and other "active" modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, scooters, etc. The Corktown area could become an attractive walk-able community that would also showcase modern forms of transportation, providing a platform for modern and future mobility "experiments" while providing a livable community that would attract talented professionals to the Ford Mobility Campus.