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Rene commented on Lazarillo, inclusion for all

Hi Boratha,
Lazarillo is not limited to MCS it actually works in every city using different data sources. But the things is that we can add layers of information, in this case the indoor building.
You can try Lazarillo, download here:

About the business model the app is free to use for the user and we sell our wayfinding solution to businesses, this help them provide a more accessible service. We had already work with Universities making their campuses more accessible, public buildings, hospitals, banks, museum and now piloting retails stores. This is how we currently sustain our startup, ADA compliance is something businesses are considering more and more.
We also see other ways to monetize in which the business owner can connect their own app with our indoor positioning technology we setup, for other use cases.

Hope this make things more clear.
I am happy to answer more questions.


Rene commented on Lazarillo, inclusion for all

Thank you for your suggestion.
There are some companies working on making standalone devices, some are still quite expensive, but they sure will get less expensive and we will like that Lazarillo could run also on those devices, so that any person can have free access to LazarilloApp


Rene commented on Lazarillo, inclusion for all

This is our website
they can ask question to
Here is the android link:
the iOs Link: