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Hi Wilda, and thanks for the advice, will be checking and sharing.

Hi Pedro, I'm not sure If I understand at all. But yeah I'm agree with you, we also have in mind to try with smaller vehicles it could be a 5 seat even smaller the concept is still to build commuting routes from dens subur areas to commercial districts and reduce vehicles on the road. And about customers they (commuters) are still our first user segment to start trying this kind model but as you said it could be oriented to bigger segments.

Hi Marcelo, I read the whole article, and you are right is the same principle. Most traffic Jams in big cities are made by cars with single occupancy.

We developed the app you are reffering in the article and we already try with 14-18 Vans, the Mercedes Benz Sprinters and the Ford Transits, as you said the Ford Transits are almost half the cost in price, services and replacements.

In our case we started with solo Van Owners, it works pretty slow but it works right. However in case you want it to really scale you really need a strong operational arm, like goverment like Miami Dade, car company like Ford in this case or at least a transport company (private or plublic).

Also as mobility alternative it should not be seen as solo option but as mobility altervative integrated with public and private services. In that way we are working in API to connect with other mobility platforms.

Hopefully we can make this pilot in Miami Dade, Let's see what happen. Cheers.