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Pete commented on Urban Air Taxi System (UATS)

Hi MaCie'! I remember you from the event!

I have spoken to leadership at IndyGo, as well as some others, but not the level of leadership you're talking about. I think the project would be very feasible and would be less intrusive than ground transportation ideas. The issues would be people's willingness to try something new, even if it was proven safe and effective. However, I'm very open to discussing this with DPW/City-County Council, or anyone else willing to listen. Would you happen to have any names or contact information for those folks? If so, please send to me at . Thank you so much!


Pete commented on Urban Air Taxi System (UATS)

Thanks Liz, yes it can land anywhere, but for security and safety to start with, I'd recommend designated stops. FAA rules allow for a "Public Aircraft Exemption" allowing cities, counties and states to set their own airspace rules for their own aircraft.

I may go ahead and submit for Austin and Detroit as well.

Also when you say from "our group", did we meet a few weeks ago at Sun King?

Thanks again.


Pete commented on Urban Air Taxi System (UATS)

Thanks Liz,

Since I'm in the Indy area, I thought i had to send in for just Indy... can I duplicate my entry into more than one city?