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Leah commented on "ECORIDE"

I would totally use an app like this. I like the name "Ecoride" as well.

Also I have updated my profile with my information but how do I upload a photo for my profile?

Hello, I travel by bus when I can not afford a cab to my destination and I find that I only take a cab to avoid using the bus because I find the whole process utterly confusing. I do not have a vehicle at the moment and I have never been great when it comes to direction but when you memorize your bus schedule and then it is changed it is really frustrating. Yes, I always call to access bus schedule information as I have never thought about looking it up online, maybe I will understand it better online and be able to study the streets, numbers and what not. One other issue is dealing with buses arriving early/ late, I would rather they arrive late because then I am there when they show up. I just think the bus system has come a long way, but could still use some tweaking.