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Pedro commented on Convenciendo a la población de Miami

The Miami mentality is focused on the individual automobile as a means of transportation. We have arrived at this situation due to the lack of harmonious development of both the urbanism and the transport system and road layout. Added to this situation was the prejudice that the car gives personal prestige and that public transport is for dirty, poor people, of dubious moral character and even dangerous. People are not going to leave their current car to move without a rethinking of the bus and trolley system. The option Uber or LYFT was welcomed because it is also about more and more use of the car and also has a viable economic advantage. What if we propose a transport system between the bus and the car? I am talking about a fleet of electric cars that without adding pollutants to the air circulated in circuits studied and planned by the population of Miami and was just as cheap as Uber. A system of cars that moves North to South, East to West and vice versa with strategic stops whose intersections do not exceed the distance of a half mile to change from one to another and also from address. Let's say some vehicles (of course, Ford brand, not Mercedes Benz or Toyota to make use of our industry) whose size would be between the articulated and immense bus or even the normal number of passengers and the car that we use every day. This would make our trips less traumatic and more personalized and we would add health for the beneficial effect of the walk to take the vehicle or to reach the final destination. I am talking about a modern system of trolleys with 8 to 10 passengers, some heated and others open to our climate with some solar protection. Carts that we tackle by opening the doors ourselves. They remain closed during the movement and are unlocked at each stop. How about creating a network of movement and stops requested with intelligent traffic lights that can by themselves detect congestion and divert the cars to alternate routes (streets that exist but there is no will or custom to use). We would also have to do urban projects that unravel the tangled skein of the streets of many of our neighborhoods where channels, closed streets, cul de sacs, expressways that cut and cross without giving way, the Miami river itself, absurd constructions etc etc etc and give continuity to many roads towards the four cardinal points. It would also be necessary to build stops that notify the itinerary and the route in an easy way in several languages ​​or at least in the three main ones of the city of Miami. Provide sufficient lighting through solar panels so there is no fear at night and an environment that diminishes the rigor of our climate. The solutions that propose to use water as a means of transport need more study because they would be exposed to storm surges and frequent storms. A network that exists of water taxis asked to be extended and improved through wharves where these small buses or tugs in English would arrive. Gradually could be encouraged to use public transport by reducing the price of car insurance against a commitment of less use. The Uber and Lift networks should be limited to a logical number by making drivers of these could rotate their driving shifts. The Metromover should be extended, also another metrorail line and increase the trolleys to favor tourism. Local businesses would have an excellent medium in small vehicles to advertise which would be of mutual benefit and we would all win. The highways must add long lines of travel to connect with large buses with which we already have manufacturing strategic stops with widths of the roads and stairs and down ramps to connect with the network of minibuses. That is my vision of a modern and viable Miami with a lot of mobility. A city that transports a lot of users to the Dysney world style.


Pedro commented on Insane urban design in Miami

Sorry but I have the response that states we had to write in Eng to post the idea

Thanks for agreeing with me on this. I proposed such a thing like that but it was refused because I posted it in Spanish. My belief I'm living in a multicultural and bilingual city! Lol