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Patrick commented on Winter in Pittsburgh

Hi Aly,

The scoots they are mentioning kind of looking like a ravor scoot that you stand on. The most common one is Bird. With Bird and it competitors, you download an app and then you can see where all the scooters in the city are. You can find the closest scooter to you, and then unlock it through the app. When you are down you lock it with the app, and can leave it anywhere. People in SF are leaving them in the middle of the side walk. SF is working on rules about how and where you can leave the scooters.

What I am talking about is turning bicycles into Hybrids. There are bikes, and kits that people can buy so that they get an electric boost when they peddle. Most of these bikes cost at leak $1500, but they give you the ability to travel faster, further, and up hills without sweating. The one that I posted below you can test out at Love Bikes in Lawrenceville. I took it down Butler and then up the hill to the hospital, made it up the hill without sweating, without standing, and going about 13mph.


Patrick commented on Boundary St Bike Lift

Hi Craig,

I think we need multiple bike lifts to get people from one neighborhood to the next. We have a lot of areas that are divided by hills and make it difficult for people to want to ride. Another option would be a tax credit for people looking to purchase an electric assist bicycle. I took a few of them out for a ride last year and it is a game changer when going up a hill.


Patrick commented on Traveling on the Bus from Highland Park

Hi Claudia,

The 87 picks up on the corner of Negley and Stanton and goes right through Bloomfield on it's way to downtown.