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Patrick commented on E-Z Pass Parking

Thank you for the feedback Diana. I have updated the post.


Patrick commented on E-Z Pass Parking

Hi Indrees,

To pilot this, I would identify 1-2 parking garages that have a line during rush hour. Once the garages are picked, I would take a week and see how long the line gets at different times during rush hour, and time how long it takes the average person to enter the garage.

The chosen garages and day of testing will be kept secret. On this day, we would make it free to park at those garages for people entering during rush hour, without telling people ahead of time, so that the normal commuting crowd comes to the garage. An attendant will have to sit outside the gate and press a button to open an close it. We would study how the line forms outside the garage, and the average entering time. On the day of the test, it be good to count the number of vehicles entering that have an E-Z pass.

An alternate testing method would be to work with the makers of E-Z pass and have hardware installed for a test period. Not everyone has an E-Z pass. If we can install the hardware for a test period free of charge or cheaply, it give a better test.


Patrick commented on Create Transit Stations +Hubs

Hi Indress,

What I learnt from going to the community meetings is that a lot of residents, especially those who find it hard to drive, or don’t drive, have a hard time traveling on the bus. The buses are limiting their mobility, for a few reasons. The biggest limit is the time it takes to travel from one neighborhood to another. I believe that the station method will help reduce travel anxiety.

I chose the 3 locations for the main stations for a couple reasons. Downtown is where most of the businesses are in the city, and it is somewhere that would benefit from a bus station. Hazelwood Green is poised to be a large business and residential area in the near future. It currently is not very accessible which can make growth slow. Putting a station in Hazelwood Green would help the land locked area become more mobile. If there were a bus station there, developers will invest quickly, and the area will grow quicker. Lastly the east liberty location already has infrastructure (MLK busway) that makes it an ideal third station. East Liberty is growing neighborhood, that has a lot of residents, and a lot of close residential neighborhoods.

Although Oakland has the second most businesses, I decided to pick East Liberty for the station because of the infrastructure, and for the number of residents. Oakland is short bus ride from East Liberty and from downtown.

To answer your questions about bus routes, we will need to re-route some of the buses so that they are servicing the stations and hubs. I would re-route the following buses during the test period. Since they already go close to the proposed stations.

54- Run down center to the Negley station, then back to Liberty
64 -Possibly route through the East Liberty station. Maybe just leave at the Negley station.
87 -When leaving highland park area, make a left on Penn from Negley. Drop off at Penn and center and then go back to normal route.
71A -Coming from Highland Park, make a left on Baum, right on highland, Drop off at Highland and center, and then down center for normal route.

56 -Run to station at Hazel wood Green
57 -Run to station at Hazelwood Green.
58 -Run it down to the station in Hazelwood
93 -Take the 93 down to the Hazelwood station
53- Run to Hazelwood station
53 - Run to Hazelwood station
53l - Run to Hazelwood station