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Saravana Pat commented on Smart Mobility Solution to Reduce School Traffic

Hi Jasmine,
Thanks for the validation as a parent. I was a parent in those carlines not long ago, which prompted me to design the initial prototype for my daughter's school! Yes, the system has a fully functional after-school module integrated with the dismissal system so that the parents can get real-time notifications whenever their child leaves school to attend after-school daycare, football practice or goes to the YMCA. Some schools also rely on the time-stamped reports from our system for billing purposes.
Parents of bus-riding / bike-riding or walking home, kids also get alerts whenever their child is dismissed from school.


Saravana Pat commented on Smart Mobility Solution to Reduce School Traffic

Hi MaCie,
Thanks for your compliments. Yes, we are currently live in hundreds of middle and elementary schools. However, we may not be ideally suited for high schools with our school dismissal solution. In order to mitigate the need for a smartphone by certain demographic, there is an option for the schools to print out a physical car tag from our system with a unique code which is used to integrate them into the dismissal process. Having said that, the latest research indicates that smartphone penetration in the lowest demographic in terms of income is over 94%.
Hope this helps. - Pat Bhava


Saravana Pat commented on Smart Transportation Solutions for Schools- PikMyKid

Very well said Julian, as we continue to grow and scale as a community and prepare for the future, we can not build our way out of our problems. More infrastructure and more roads and unbridled construction is not the answer. We need to use innovative ways to devise smart solutions using technology, encourage sustainable transportation, and build scalable communities as we grow with active community engagement at the heart of it all.