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Pablo commented on Urbec

¡Hola Julian Quintero & Jairo Coy ! Mi nombre es Pablo Bosch y soy parte del equipo del City:One Challenge. Muchas gracias por compartir su idea, la alternativa al medio de transporte que ustedes proponen es muy buena ya que reduce emisiones y además busca atacar un problema de movilidad que se tiene actualmente, pero este medio ¿tendrá acceso a las zonas de la periferia?

Hi Amit Jaura ! My name is Pablo Bosch and I'm part of the City:One Challenge team. First of all thank you for your proposal its great to see that you have an incredible idea to help people to have a solution for take-out food which it is really expensive, but what we are looking for is actually for mobility solutions in the city, maybe you can have a great idea for one of our oportunity areas!


Pablo commented on Scooterino

Hi FRANCESCO RELLINI ! My name is Pablo Bosch  and I'm part of the City:One Challenge team. Thank you for collaborating with your idea, what you mentioned about reducing pollution and travelling time by scooter ridesharing is amazing. I have a question for you, if you want to use this app would you need a phone with access to internet? You also mentioned your platform is ready to be implement, have you already try it in a city with similar conditions to those of Mexico City?