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Noel commented on Specially Designated spots for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Thanks for replying Matteo,

It comes down to all three, the empathy of the driver, driver's education and the pedestrian's education. Since it's the driver who has to pick up client, they usually have to make a choice between disrupting traffic by stopping in the middle of the street in order to pick up their client quickly thus causing drivers to become irate just because the driver wanted to make a speedy pick up or the other choice being aligning themselves in parking space (if one is available at the time) for the driver to wait for their client to arrive be picked up. 99% of the time, latter is never an option since most Uber and Lyft drivers work in downtown metropolitan areas where parking slim and few and traffic is at a high, so its a very serious dilemma for the driver. It also has to be taken into account the driver's background before they became a driver associated with either Uber or Lyft, this can go all the way back to how they were raised by their families with the teachings of basic moral values and general respect for fellow drivers on the road however the promise of monetary payment tends to twist those values to a degree where drivers will do what it takes to make quick and easy money at the cost of others. Other times, drivers may have set morals but due to issues occurring at the time, it may cause them to do things they wouldn't do as drivers these situations can be caused by financial pressures and other varying causes such as taking care of children or trying to balance between multiple jobs alongside Uber in order to make a decent living, they're force to put their ethical standards to the side because of these situations even though its uncomfortable for the driver, they're not left many viable options. The pedestrian's ethical standing and education may also be put into play since they are the ones that pay the driver for the service and at the end give feedback on the driver's performance. Most often then not, pedestrian's will forget to give the driver any sort of positive or just general feedback through the Uber or Lyft applications and only remember to give feedback only when they have a negative experience. In my eyes, its important to give credit where is credit is earned and that means leaving good feedback and tipping the driver for an excellent drive because that is how I was raised by my family but with this fast paced, 100 miles per hour world we live in, most people are more pre-occupied with getting to where they have to go without giving thanks to the people who got them there in the first place. That is not to say that there aren't people who have a sense of ethical understanding, its just that the margin of people who do are very slim to none since most of society bases themselves on instant gratification and entitlement coupled with a "Me, Myself, and I" mentality could be the root of most problems.

Thanks again for answering Mateo. Unfortunately, I will not be able to add a photo to the post due to circumstances keeping from getting the photo however I once again wanna thank you for taking the time to answer this post again.


Noel commented on Specially Designated spots for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Thank You for answering Matteo,

While I do drive, there have been moments where in order to save money I have used Uber services usually when going to and from the airport or to the downtown metropolitan area. Just yesterday I decided to use uber to go to downtown, during the trip I spoke to the driver regarding this and he voiced his opinion in that most drivers believe they are entitled to stop in the middle of the streets to pick up clientele due to user ratings and reviews. In their eyes, they believe that if they go fast enough to pick up clients, at the cost of stalling traffic, they will receive better reviews by their client even thou half the time most people do not leave reviews because it takes time out of what their doing or they just plain forget. At the same time, the driver expressed how some clients will pace up and down the sidewalk causing the driver to drive very slowly in search for the client which causes traffic to slow down and makes the driver nervous because he knows he's holding up traffic and since there are no parking spots for him to stop, he's forced to drive until he finds the client. It comes down to whether or not the driver cares if they're disrupting traffic and if they do care, being forced to drive slowly due to not having any available spaces for them to park and wait for clients . I understand the importance of good customer service especially in today's world but when its at the cost of the people around you, it starts to become a slight problem and even then there are those that do care but because of circumstances (example: not having a space to park and wait for clients) they're become forced to and have to take on irate individuals when its not even their fault, it's a very double-edged sword dilemma in that most do not care but at the same time some do care but are forced to due to circumstances. By giving special spots for drivers to stop and pick up clients, drivers won't have to stand in the middle of the street to pick up clients and cause stalls while at the same time clients will have an easier time finding their driving by simply going to the Uber stop on the street or just waiting at the stop for their driver. This will also assist Uber Eats delivery personnel since they need to wait for food to be prepared which can take from minutes to even hours and with the use of the parking spots, they can wait without the worry of on-coming traffic.