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Magic :) thanks so much Liz.
Exciting times for everyone on this Ford Indy journey.
Andy and I have had a great time connecting and learning from Indy wheelchair community. Looking forward to sharing ideas and stories on Thursday.

Hello Liz,
Thank you so much for your feedback. Your idea of providing the Indy Accessibility Guide link on our Brio Maps web page is terrific.
When we work with clients /councils in Australia we include this type of great data on the Brio Map. That way our wheelchair users can place a location pin on the map (say the pick the Zoo) , and select the NEAR ME function. They can select the distance, (like one block or three blocks) and NEAR ME it will show all the parking, toilets, close transport, cafes etc. and the sidewalk route effort rating to travel to those places. (green is an easy roll, or orange... tough roll) in that selected distance.

We would be very keen to include all these Indy accesible places in our Map Legend - Indianapolis Zoo, IMAX Theatre, Newfields and all POIs noted. Accessible Restuarant, Hotels. So many great place.... looking forward to been a tourist in Indy!

I looked at a number of locations - and found the individual maps for Cultural Trail or White River State Park - this is another way we can support - by creating these as Brio Accessible Effort Maps.

Our goal is -after we have completed our inital mapping program, the Council project leaders can continue to work with the community to undertake Brio Mapping and add more miles and accessible places from across the city and neighbourhoods- and support accessible tourism and lifestyle needs adn choices for the local community.

Andy will be at the workshop this Thursday (I am linked in)- and would be pleased to show you these map functions and love to gain your feedback.

That is a great website resource - thank you for contacting us
My apology to take a few days to response.
Best, Nat