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Nathan commented on Various ideas for South Florida transit

Hi Katie, Yes my intent was to post something and get a discussion going about my ideas. Some of these I have had for a long time and had time to refine them over that time. I do think that making metrorail cost less (or be free) would be a useful experiment for any city in the US (not just Miami) to try.

There is a named effect, though the name escapes me right now, wherein as a resource's cost approaches zero, the consumption of that resource grows exponentially. Since the amount of revenues being brought in by the city for metrorail are quite small as a percentage of the overall yearly O&M cost, then the sacrificing of even more of or ALL of those revenues is also small. But as the users cost goes down it might encourage many more people to use this system we have already bought and paid for. It would also somewhat alleviate traffic on US-1 I believe. Note I am NOT advocating for the making free of the limited parking available at metrorail stations, just the train rides themselves.

I also believe that tax policies (and possibly rezoning) favoring more commercial ToD would be relatively easy to implement and could be done incrementally at certain stations even, instead of just a broad uniform change across the whole county all at once.

Admittedly the other 2 proposals do not lend themselves to trial beforehand easily.