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Mikki commented on More Stores Should Imply "The Aldi's Effect"

This is an interesting observation. Would it be safe to assume that people use shopping carts as modes of mobility? If you go grocery shopping and you walk, (use bike share or a scooter) how to you then get your groceries back? You need the cart. Carts are taken for other reasons of moving around but I'd be interested in thinking about this as a mobility issue. For those close enough to walk but that don't have the ability to then use the same method to commute with shopping bags.


Mikki commented on Culture as a barrier

I agree with several points here but culture goes a long way. Yes, when parking and driving is harder, transit becomes more popular. However we've seen perception and stigma go a long way here.

-Cars are MUCH more dangerous than public transit. The fear of getting robbed on a bus overpowers the fear of getting in a car accident (one much more common than the other. and one kinda extreme)
-QLine- people were excited, people used it and learned how to do so. People will wait for hte QLine while it sayis it's 20 minutes away or Call and Uber vs walking maybe 200 ft to then wait at a bus stop for a bus that's coming sooner.
-Mogo- Not the easiest in my experience but people figure it out.
-Scooters-same. People took the time to learn how to use them and do so.
These are all new, cool and less diverse than getting on a bus ( in anyway you could take diverse)

Biggest thing with scooters and bikes and microtransit- thus far, you've got to be an able bodied, old enough, and sometimes banked person to use them and going to somewhere close enough and easy enough (I couldn't image using mogo or scooters to commute with groceries.


Mikki commented on Riding the Bus in SW

Agreed. Access to good, simple information keeps people in their cars and off otehr modes of transit. I know DDOT is working on new bus stop signs that should have much more information on them and will be easier to identify. Can I ask, what led you to get to the stop so much earlier than the bus was scheduled to be there? I usually get to the stop about 5-8 minutes early but it sounds like you were there 30 minuets before it was scheduled to be there?