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Mackenzie commented on Smart Mobile Community

Janko Isidorovic Thank you for sharing your solution! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. Your solution offers so many capabilities! I see that there are many modules that offer machine learning, advanced analytics, blockchain, etc. In addition, you have features such as City Pulse and My Communities. What features or modules would you focus on during the pilot phase? If a business were interested in developing a machine learning algorithm, for example, who would develop the algorithm? Would the business need to hire someone to collect the data and develop the algorithm? Or is that a service that you would be providing? Thank you! I look forward to hearing more!


Mackenzie commented on Michigan Central App

Corey Dean Thank you for sharing this proposal! I am a Michigan Central Station facilitator. Many community members have expressed that public transportation is often unpredictable and difficult to navigate. This looks like a great solution to this issue. It looks like there will be a lot of features included in your solution: mobility options, news, events, emergency alerts, weather, MCS news, coupons, etc. Do you have specific features that you would focus on for the pilot, or would you hope to include all of these features at once? Would you implement the mobility services for all of Detroit, or only the transportation types that are near MCS? Thank you!


Mackenzie commented on Let's get there together

Siheun Song  Thank you for sharing this proposal! Congratulations on the success of this business. It sounds like you have created a great solution to transportation to large events as well as workday commutes. Generally, how many passengers do you need for one event or location to offer your services for this particular event?