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Meagen commented on Make Central Station(s) Central to Something

I do appreciate the logic behind the development of the Silver Line, but no one has heard about the results of that work (and tax funding) in developing that cooridoor. Because the conversation has fallen off, the community is seeing it as a failure. Are the numbers there? Are the businesses coming into that roadway? It's hard to say as a resident of the area. With all due respect to the work put into the 2002 plan, that is 16 years old now and Grand Rapids has changed dramatically in almost two decades to be well beyond what thought was put into those papers. I'd be curious to see what forward vision is there for mobility and development because there are flocks of people coming back to the city center, a shortage (former shortage? not sure, but rapid building and funding) of housing, and a massive shortage on ... parking. So I'd love to see this work put back in the spotlight and updated for the next decade.


Meagen commented on Make Central Station(s) Central to Something

I would love to. In fact, I already am part of an Uptown committee and that crosses a lot of neighborhoods - and it focuses on design/mobility. So this sort of project is perfect for us. If we could just collaborate, that team of individuals is incredibly passionate about each of their respective areas of downtown living.

I would love to try it. To be honest, the DASH has caught my attention with the new branding, but it doesn't move me to get on board. I have no idea where to get on or off or how it works and nobody likes the idea of being trapped on a bus without any idea where they're going. Unless I have a guide or a hands on experience forcing me to try it out, I don't imagine I'll have an incidence where I'll just get to "try" the DASH to convince me to use it moving forward, unfortunately.