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Mme. Nichole:

Thank you for your great question. Though the other specific locations for the alignment of the proposed East/West Metrorail System will not be revealed until the upcoming presentation of our PROPOSE Phase Cities of Tomorrow Challenge (CoT) submission, please know with certainty that two of the 19 station sites for the conceptualized Metrorail corridor are indeed GVSU-Allendale and downtown GR's GVSU-Robert Pew. Please know further that if a system like this was limited only to students that it would be counter-productive to its key function of enabling a majority of citizens to reach the majority of Metro GR's key super-regional destinations with maximum independence and maximum flexibility/choice. STAY TUNED....


Michigan Black Expo commented on Transit Grocery

An AWESOME concept. Were the East-West Metrorail system concept ( to be implemented with Central Station at its center, this concept of a TRANSIT GROCERY could be a key anchor of the mixed-use development of transit-user-associated retail and services that would be a part of the necessary expansion for adding the metrorail passenger access platform to Central Station; in fact, it could be a feature of a new retail/services atrium that could fill the space currently sitting empty above the current indoor cafe/ticketing/restroom lobby. The perspective exhibited here of a transit-integrated grocery is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that is often lacking among transit planning officials (privileged, non-transit users) and that results in the barest minimum of transit innovation in Metro Grand Rapids.

Mme. Young:

Thank you for your insight. We believe strongly in Grand Rapids' ability and legacy of always being able to somehow "do the impossible" and to overcome those obstacles that other cities would submit to as insurmountable unattainabilities (i.e. - reinventing a downtown to become the urban hub between Chicago and Detroit that did not roll up at 5:15p, creating a bus system that people would use after 6:00p and on Sundays, building an arena that would be in the top 100 revenue-generating arenas of the world, positioning an airport to approach 3-million annual users in 2019, growing a university that would eclipse Western as West Michigan's largest university, growing a world-class biomedical hub with a research institute AND Michigan State University's medical school, positioning such a conglomeration and its 1.3 million residents to be 25-35 minutes from 47 miles of ocean-like beachfront, from Michigan's Adventure rollercoasters and from a growing casino complex to boot).

We have all of the basic elements to attain the first part of this region's central theme and moniker: GRAND. To go forward in ways that do not reflect GRAND (i.e. - bold, superlative, great, inspiring, beyond, etc.) is to set Metro GR up for continuing to be the butt of "small"-, "backwater"- and "Hooterville"-associated jokes that always end in would-be newcomers taking the option of another new place that actually goes about achieving GRANDness.

We Michiganians of Metro GRAND just need to continue our trademark of reaching higher and overcoming self-doubt as we always have. GO GRAND!

Onward we go . . . . ,

Rudolph R. Treece III
President, MBEI