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Matteo commented on Convenciendo a la poblaciĆ³n de Miami

Hola Pedro Castellano  ! Gracias por publicar en la plataforma, muy buena Idea. Soy Matteo, uno de los facilitarodes aqui.
Te comento que dentro de las reglas de la plataforma, todos los posts deben de ser en ingles, o si son en español, deberán de ser traducidos al ingles debajo.
Aqui puedes encontrar más informacion sobre esto: .
Requisitos de idioma : "Todas las Presentaciones de ideas y materiales relacionados deben estar en inglés o, si no están en inglés, el Participante debe presentar una traducción al inglés de la descripción del texto y las instrucciones de prueba, así como todos los demás materiales presentados"

Gracias por comentar otra vez! Por favor traduce tu post.
We hope to learn more about your experience in the mobility space and how you move around the city, as well as your ideas :)


Matteo commented on mAIami

Hey Alejandro Guardiola ! I am Matteo, we met at the workshop last Monday.
 So happy to see that you contributed with the idea that you guys developed.
Really liked the name, I am so glad to see the results of the Workshop, this was a great Idea, really liked the amount of empathy involved in this, the data used and the human-centered design approach.
Carlos Cruz-Casas You mentioned about the model, and the plan that the department of transportation was trying to follow in terms of data implementation, maybe you can add some value to the Idea.
Also, let's say you got the funding, how many people would you need to put this into action and what would be their roles?
Thank you very much for sharing the outcome of an amazing workshop!
KatieWalsh 100 ,Wilda Previl 
Matteo C


Matteo commented on Air Conditioned Bus Stops

Hey Mohamed Nazim ! I am Matteo one of the facilitators here,
Let me tell you this is a great great idea, I really like it and I have been in that situation waiting for public transport and melting in the heat.
Also, I am a great supporter of Wyncode Academy, I am so happy to hear you guys graduated from the program, great professionals are made at their programs.
Thanks for contributing!