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Thanks Katie!

Hi Diana,
Thanks for your comment! The software can work in either way. Because of the fine granularity of the measurement (usually 80 meters), it can assess something as small as the movement of a single bus stop. It could certainly be used for larger overhauls as well. When assessing a change, it's possible to look at the Spontaneous Accessibility change versus the change in-service vehicle hours (and the agency's cost per in-service hour). That way changes of different magnitudes can be evaluated against each other for their relative efficacy.
So far, I don't have any Pittsburgh-specific customizations in mind, but I would expect to learn what those would need to be while collaborating with the city staff. One of the strengths of UnPlanIt is that it needs very little data to evaluate a network, just GTFS schedule data and OpenStreetMap road and path data. I've, so far run, analyses for Seattle, Boston, and Maui.

Thanks Matteo! This is a project that I'm very passionate about, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to share it with this community!