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Brad commented on How walkable is the city in the rain or snow?

I can’t say if my habits change all that much when it comes to bad weather, but parking really comes at a premium on wet days, or when the temps start staying well below freezing.

Splitting my work between Holland and Grand Rapids, we are very spoiled by the heated sidewalks in downtown Holland come winter. Adopting a similar system would be great, but would also be very expensive. I’d imagine a similar system would be greatly appreciated near high traffic event areas, or down streets like Ionia with the high numbers of bars and restaurants.

Hey Idrees,
Most of my experience on this topic comes from my current struggles with buying an electric vehicle, and not having many opportunities at home or work to charge a new car.

I’m a lifelong automotive enthusiast, and look forward to many of the changes that are coming down the pipe when it comes to automobiles. We need to prepare for further adoption of EVs, find ways to facilitate autonomous transportation, and make the best use of our parking problems with these new types of vehicles. I’d be happy to help out my way with any car related issues in the city.

Hey Tom,
i haven’t purchased an EV yet due to the lack of readily available charge points near my home, or near my job. The financial benefits are really clear these days, especially when low mileage lease returns are very deep into affordable price ranges. The number of chargers is increasing, and that’s great, but so few are easily accessible - particularly for those of us who work on the west side. Having a few DC fast chargers downtown would be good for people who are traveling as well. Not all of us can afford Teslas and drive out to Cascade for a dip on the Supercharger Network.