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I focus more on the mechanical parts of the car not the structure of it because I'm not studying for that type of engineering, but I have a hydrogen infrastructure proposal for any city to use or country that would make green hydrogen cheap. For example I would tell cities to switch to hydrogen fuel cell electric buses because the maintenance cost is cheaper then a diesel engine bus. From cities switching to these buses it will save them money which would make the cost of the tickets for these buses far less saving you money. Plus refueling for these buses takes the same time to fill up like a diesel bus and their range is the same as well. Furthermore,these buses are better in the winter because hydrogen can handle extreme cold temperatures and will not lose range unlike a battery bus where it will lose range.

Well gas,electric, and hydrogen are safe but when not handle properly it can be dangerous. If a battery car's battery gets puncher it can be a fire hazard which could actually make the car burst into flames. What I'm trying to stay is all these cars hold a lot of energy if not stored correctly can be dangerous. If a hydrogen ICE or hydrogen electric fuel cell car somehow the hydrogen storage tank gets puncher these cars have a safety feature where it will release all the hydrogen out the car. This is safe because hydrogen is lightest element in the world, once it is release it will travel up to the atmosphere where it will burn up. Then you will have someone repair the tank or replace the tank with a new one. Right now for the mile per tank I dont have any answers to that as right now because to be honest I'm researching how to make this kit now. For the price of the kit I shooting for the cost in the 3k to 5k range but I hoping the government incentives will cut the cost half way or if they could cover most of the price that would be great.

Jasmine Comer If the kit successful in Cali then other states will want to make a hydrogen infrastructure in their state. I would first start selling the kit where there is already hydrogen refueling stations like Cali, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Japan, China, etc. Nikola Motors and Nel hydrogen plan to be putting 700 stations throughout the USA by 2028, right there is a start to the hydrogen infrastructure. The kit can be purchased online or bought at a local mechanic shop/ dealership mechanic where they will install the kit for you. The kit would be made at an engine manufacturing company. Furthermore, the more kits sold, the more hydrogen fueling stations created because of supply and demand. Gas companies like Shell, BP will see that they will have to install more hydrogen stations because the demand went up from the purchasing of the kit.