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I think this is a nice idea, but at the same time, I know many who skip the ads on social media and just go to the content they personally want to see. If it is a TV ad, then some tend to mute the ads until their show is back on. I know not everyone is willing to listen to the truth, but at least some people care about the safety for when it comes to driving in Miami.


Lew commented on I do not want to own a car in Miami.

Well, when it comes to public transport option, biking would be a go-to option since it saves much money since you do not have to pay for gas or tip anyone like in taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts, and sometimes even quicker since you can bike on the sidewalks while rush hour occurs. But, if you do go biking as your choice, just remember to always have a chain and padlock on you always so it is secure while you are inside.

I also do enjoy walks as well; it is a nice way to check out the city while not in a car. One thing I would do would check the traffic online just in case because I know some list when there are current construction sections and car accidents. But, when it comes to massive hills, I am not fully sure on how to track for hills ahead of time. I guess for it you see the hills up ahead, then go around it on the flat walkways.