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Laffingstok commented on DAVIS: Alley Activation Project

This is a fantastic idea, keep up the great work!


Laffingstok commented on Offset the cost of infrastructure through local businesses

To tell the truth, I have only been in Cork Town a handful of times and that is mostly in part due to the time it takes to get there. I understand that my distance from Cork Town is in no way a Cork Town related mobility issue. But, for example when I drove down to tour the Central Station in its pre-construction state I found it difficult to find parking near by and ended up next to an abandoned building wondering if i would get a parking violation. I think that for local mobility in Cork Town its important to look at existing examples. College campuses (Iowa State for example) have been able to greatly reduce car traffic through the campus by providing a comprehensive bus system. Additionally many college campuses are all inclusive so that you don't need to go to your car to visit a general store or restaurant because they are all near by. A great way to repeat that in Cork town would be to have a large parking structure (although I would prefer subway station connecting to metro, this is more feasible) that cost very little to park in and then an alternative transportation option for the rest of Cork Town. There have been a lot of ideas surrounding this concept that include electric bikes, scooters, Etc; all of those are great but we live in a climate that is freezing for a good part of the year. We should be looking to examples like the sky-walks of Minneapolis, the subways of Chicago , or even the Detroit People Mover. Enclosed options are great for all weather usage. I think its important to make the transportation attractive to people by keeping the cost low, the accessibility high, and reducing its interaction with cars. What I mean by that last part is that if you were to take an Uber for example, you are ride sharing but you still sit in traffic. People here are tired of traffic. Hope this helps!
Also, what is a Central Station Facilitator? Sounds interesting.