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kristina commented on ShuttleBee -- group transportation for kids

David, many thanks for the question. We've given this much thought and admittedly have miles to go in this area. As an emerging company, we've been supporting children with disabilities on an individual basis. In the ideal future state, we'll adopt measures that are created by industry leaders in this space.

Supporting special needs children with transportation solutions is such a critical issue that deserves thoughtful attention.

Here is how our onboarding process works: after a child is offered a seat on a vehicle, we review information forms that we receive from parents and provide specific training for drivers as needed. We've found that we need to provide child-care training in some circumstances, which is outside of training that standard transportation companies often require. We're also looking to acquire an ADA-supported vehicle that can support physically handicapped children.

We're careful not to cross the line into para-transit, which is activity not covered by our license at this time.

We've also been in conversations with schools that serve special needs children to understand the scope of support that would be helpful. One interesting challenge is that many public schools to not appear to have funding earmarked specifically for special-needs transportation, though the need is absolutely there. The availability of earmarked funding varies by region.

Most specifically, the nature of our business design supports children with special needs: small groups, individualized attention, excellent drivers who have the skillset to work with children, and who are not working against timing constraints. We are absolutely working to provide more robust solutions, but the nature of this offering has appealed to families and to organizations who serve special needs children.

Finally, there's a company that is excelling in this space.

If you or anyone you know interested in supporting our research efforts in this area, thank you for putting me in touch!


kristina commented on ShuttleBee -- group transportation for kids

Thanks so much! Appreciate your support and would be thrilled to continue the conversation. -Kristina