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KatieWalsh commented on SAMEWAY

Thanks for posting David! One of the areas that came up as a problem was getting from outside the city into the city - if you don't have a car or have disabilities. Would your idea be able to help those whose journey is the other way too - to fill empty seats in the car? Katie - Facilitator

Hi Kristina, many thanks for this proposal.


KatieWalsh commented on Immediately Reduce Traffic

Mayra, Hi and thanks for this post! I have not read much about school busses in the explore phase. I have questions, I hope they are not silly questions, but I do not live in Miami. So, are school busses in operation now, or a thing of the past? Why did they fall out of favor and why do parents / kids not like to use them? on a different tack, are you thinking to go to the Workshop in Miami on the 18th? See calendar linked above. This could help you with design thinking. Pop back and edit your post with any info you are researching currently. Katie, Facilitator