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KatieWalsh commented on Schenley Plaza Fountain

Hi Connie - Ford are asking me to check if it's OK with posters that the children in picture have permission from parents so the photo can be used onwardly - e.g. in social media- I'm sure in your case it's fine but please could you reply asap here or directly to - many thanks, Katie - Facilitator


KatieWalsh commented on Green transport

Hi Mike - I've been asked that everyone who has posted photos of children - I ask them if they are OK that their kids are seen online etc - as potentially part of press about the COTC - etc - are you OK with this? Please reply soon either to this here or directly to PS - is that you? In the Green Giant costume?!


KatieWalsh commented on cycling around West Kendall

Hi Veronica - this image is great - the judges are asking me to make sure with you that you are happy for it to appear on the platform and out n social media and press etc - is that all good with you? Please reply here or to soon, Thanks, Katie - Facilitator