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Thanks Mackenzie! A great piece of feedback, we just rewrote the submission a bit to try to include it. Getting MCS community members input into problems with current winter clothing, and prototype jacket/hood/glove design, would be critical to this project. We would be very excited to get a diverse group of MCS Detroiters wearing a few prototypes this Winter as well, and collecting their stories about the experience, positive and negative. Getting input on affordability/accessibility plans would also be critical. This project puts a smile on my face every time I think about it so I am glad you also think it has some merit. If we win we look forward to extensive guidance from many more stakeholders. Thank you for that comment and challenge!


John M commented on Shared Pedelec Trikes

That is a good point Robert. A very good and lightweight jacket and gloves makes it much more tolerable to be out in the cold. Heated jackets make it not only tolerable, but enjoyable. Such clothing should be subsidized to be easy to get for people with limited income. More on heated jackets here:
Warm regards, JS


John M commented on Better, Cheaper Heated Winter Jackets

Great to hear it Boratha! Me too. I think heated hoods will turn out to be a particularly welcome innovation. We'd have to cover our faces a lot less often in Winter with better heated hoods, which means we'd see each others' expressions a lot more, which is great for connecting emotionally with others in our communities.