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Thank you for reaching out. Tappy Guide technology does require a smartphone. However, long term we do have a solution for users who do not have access to smart phones.
Regarding partnerships, we're always up to collaboration with others

Boratha, thank you for reaching out! To answer your questions:
"I am assuming that this app can also be used for able-bodied as well?": Yes, although Tappy Guide is designed specifically for individuals with disabilities, anyone and everyone can use Tappy Guide!
"how would your app exactly guide people inside buildings?": Our app is mainly based off of Google Maps utilizes the user's GPS. Users will request directions to a certain location and our app will guide them.
"Any idea you can come up with that can reach out to people without cell phones?" Yes, we do have an optional plan in place, however this solution would come after the launch of Tappy Guide and would and would be considered a "phase 2-3"

Jasmine, thank you for reaching out! To answer your questions:
1) Real-time traffic jams: Along with our own internal technology, we also utilize readily available traffic APIs to determine traffic jams
2) Store Designs: We will work with every local business in the area to determine original design, and also how often these businesses are changing