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Jeffrey commented on Accessible Attractive and Safe Bus Stops

Good morning Jasmine. Thank you for following up with me.

These upgrades, aimed at visibility, accessibility and safety, are to be simple to keep the cost-per-stop low. My goal is to start with a handful of stops that meet the criteria in my proposal and scale up from there. With full funding, we could initially improve 4-5 times as many stops throughout the city.

Involving Indy's community-focused groups and nonprofits in the project would bolster its visibility. A community's "buy-in" is so important to public initiatives like this. Public support is as important as financial support.

The upgraded stops would not be limited to one section of town (as mentioned in my proposal).

Options include select stops with routes that connect to the Red Line or future rapid transit lines, OR a series of stops around Indianapolis where bus stops share similar traits/demographics/needs/challenges including:

- Stops in areas where students (of all ages) need to get to school
- Stops where the elderly/injured/disabled need transportation to
medical and/or retail facilities
- Stops where visibility/safety/accessibility are of key concern
(no shoulder, located in the grass or adjacent to private driveways, high
traffic concerns)
- Using current IndyGo statistics to identify key stops with high usage
that would benefit from upgrades
- Using current IndyGo statistics to identify overlooked/underutilized
stops that would see higher usage after improvements are made

Once the initial stops are upgraded, a second phase would include public/stakeholder feedback to find additional stops in need. Feedback and insights from voices in local neighborhoods and along bus routes would provide invaluable data, and direction, on where to implement the next round of improved stops. Continued involvement of Indy's community-focused groups and nonprofits would be beneficial throughout this process.

Thank you again for following up with me. Pleas let me know if there is more you need from me during this proposal phase. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your consideration.