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Jeff commented on All of Indy for All of Indy

MaCie' - thanks for the question! We're working on the same thing here in Pittsburgh, because it is a real issue for them and an opportunity for us. There are some challenges - the biggest one is working through the screenings and background checks, which we take very seriously. Non-violent offenders with simple possession convictions are our first efforts, and we do see some real potential there. I'd love to have a conversation with you about how we might engage this in Indy!


Jeff commented on Community Transportation

Thanks Mary - that's exactly why we're out here! We're working to help everybody have the benefits of easy, reliable and affordable transportation.

Best wishes to you and your family, and maybe we'll be in your neighborhood soon!



Jeff commented on Community Transportation

Hi Stephen - thanks for the note. We aren't working up in New Castle yet, but we're planning to start in towns like New Castle around Pittsburgh in 2019. We usually have a combination of our vehicles and driver-owned vehicles to operate different kinds of trips. I'd encourage you to follow this link, which will get you an account set up for driving - when we are planning that area we'll reach out to you first: