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Jasmine commented on Accessible Attractive and Safe Bus Stops

Hi Jeffrey LeFors , I'm Jasmine one of the online facilitators for the challenge this year. I agree, many of the bus stops could be safer throughout Indy, so thanks for presenting the idea during the proposal phase. Would the entirety of the funding request go toward implementing the mentioned enhancements? And how would it be determined which stops outside of College Ave between 75th and 96th street would receive the upgraded stops?


Jasmine commented on Knowledge=power of mobility

Hi Seana Murphy , I'm Jasmine one of this year's online facilitators for the challenge. The concept in this proposal is definitely necessary, so thanks for sharing! Have you considered having representatives from the different companies (Indygo, medical transport companies, etc) come to answer questions the community may have regarding the information being presented? Would the setting be a classroom lecture style or more of a panel discussion?


Jasmine commented on Qwip

Hi Alexis Solis , I'm Jasmine one of the online facilitators for the challenge this year. As a frequent user of public transportation, this proposal is right up my alley! Thanks so much for sharing. Would this have a way to verify rider/user alerts? And how long would the alert stay active? Outside of the additional user alerts, how would the app differ from apps like google maps?