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Janko commented on Smart Mobile Community

Mackenzie Fankell thanks for your interest in our proposal. You are correct, Nova Vector Smart City solution is modular, and it offers many features like the internet of things (IoT), machine learning, advanced analytics, and blockchain. During the pilot phase, we would like to focus on two modules: IoT module, to connect sensors and gather the valuable data and City Pulse mobile and web applications, for the residents of Michigan Central Station neighborhood, workers and visitors.
Our City Pulse app will have two basic functions in the pilot phase. First is to present information derived from IoT data to users and to inspire users to create personal communities. City Pulse app will connect not only locals and local communities but also, local representatives and local businesses all to communicate with each other and better understand and embrace the change and possibilities of investments in the Michigan Central Station area.
All modules in the platform are open source and fully support Open API standard. This makes the second basic function possible! City Pulse app will enable local business to work with data sources on the platform. If the local business is not able to develop machine learning algorithms by themselves, Nova Vector will provide a service to create custom machine learning per business requirements. However, we can imagine that the platform can spark the creation of local consultants who will help local businesses use the Nova Vector smart City Platform for their benefit.