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Ihab commented on Collecting energy from space to power life in cities

as i explained ,,i am facing challenge with science and academia ,,,they can not imagine there is a way to collect energy from space ,,using your plate form if i got the opportunity to demonstrate my model with Michigan support and blessing to open the door for new horizons to be presented to the world , i will be with my team more than Happy ...i am not dependent on any professors ..that stage or trial and error over ,,,as i said i want overcome the un-believe stage with your support guys and i am very confident our success will be reflected on your success too ...
the pilot phase ,,our main goal is one thing " Energy can be created " live pilot will be running infront of all people , may be we can place this model at your city main train station or air-port ..
did you think i am dreaming ? or your commity may consider and listen to me ?
America used to be the leading country for innovation worldwide ,,that why i am looking for this chance ...

i am accepting the challenge 1000% ,,i can face and confront any third party if you like

i hope my reply helps you understand the case .